Kinky sweetheart

Kinky friendly, I want to make you live new adventures, to bring you this “je ne sais quoi” that you are missing to be happy.


I invite you to this adventure taking place outside beaten paths, where you can entrust me with your most eccentric desires. The pressure to perform, the mask you have to wear daily will stay at my doorstep. My free spirit and talented hands of a chef will take control to chase away monotony. 

Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of learning about role-playing, and I hope to have the pleasure of exploring more. But the field of possibilities goes beyond that. 




The chef, a wooden spoon and naughty assistant.


The feminist handygirl and her drill.


The nurse and her patient.

The nun converting the rebel boy.


The feminist mistress and her slave.


The naughty therapist.

The insubordinate secretary.

The long time friend who confesses her desire.


The secret agent on a mission for your pleasure…



1h : 350

1h30 : 520

2h : 700

3h : 900

4h : 1100

5h : 1300 

6h : 1500

Gabrielle 5.jpg

field of possibilities:

Sensual domination.

Safe GFE.

Feminist PSE ( ask for details ).

Anal training - pegging - prostate massage

Body/ass worship

Orgasm control and sensory deprivation

Forced servitude and forced masturbation.

Foot and food fetish.


Impact play & spanking.




Erotic reading.



Age play.

Golden shower, brown and blood.

Lack of respect.

Physical injuries and risk forhealth .

Bad presentation : take the time to write me a nice message if you want an answer. 


Let's book a date !