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Montréal MERB PHILO PETE 09-15-2019

I have been on MERB for a while now, not a very active hobbyist, (frankly I don’t care too much for that appellation, even though I can’t find a better term). In the past I usually met a courtisane once or twice per year and that was pretty much it. I discovered Gabrielle a year and a half ago through indycompanion, something catchy about her presentation : the fact that she loves good food and litterature, and those eyes that are soooo inviting and promising of good times. First meeting with her was outcall at my downtown hotel room (not really fond of incalls, I prefer to host companions). She could tell I was nervous but she was really understanding right from the start, going slowly and putting me at ease, making me comfortable. We discussed casually, getting to know each other… she had some kind of a «social worker vibe»: my nervousness was quickly put aside, I felt free, like I was with a friend. We got closer and closer, drinking some wine and kissing gently.


It had been a really long time since I had sex, so I was happy to go slow and kinda re-learn how to use my body, how to feel someone else’s skin. She is not the spinner-pornstar-type but damn is she hot, in a girl next door kind of way : wonderful eyes, a smile that makes you feel like a rockstar, invitingly curvy hips and a smooth skin that tastes like heaven. We got undressed and moved to the bed, cuddling and kissing each other everywhere (and somewhere else!), on that first meeting I was still on antidepressants medication and it affected my performance in a very negative way. She still managed to make me feel better than I had been for a crazy long time.


We met a few (8?) more times, and each rendez-vous was simply perfect. She oozes sensuality and she seems to be dedicated to spreading happiness : her attention to details, her intelligence, her empathy, and her sexual appetite combined all contribute to make her one of the best courtisane ever. After years in a sexless relationship, she basically brought me back to life with the perfect combination of sensuality and intelligence.


I didnˋt want to go too much into details because it’s tough to summarize a number of dates in a few words, but here are a few :


- Feeling the wetness of her sex and her juices flowing while taking a bath made me go almost crazy;

- Seeing her cumming on top of me in the cowgirl position brought tears of joy to my eyes;

- Having a picnic in bed while cuddling is the perfect way to build some strength for another round;

- Her wonderful and glorious ass is now my favorite safe place;

- She now makes me cum so hard I feel like I’m floating outside my body.


I don’t even read reviews anymore, I found my best courtisane. Gabrielle is very intelligent and charming, cute and sexy, passionate and wild... and now I can’t wait for my next trip to meet her again.

Montréal MERB Southern gentleman 03-05-2018

I have had the distinct pleasure of visiting with Gabrielle twice over the past few months, and I can honestly say that the combination of physical and intellectual intimacy with her at Chez Liberte have been among my most memorable and enjoyable encounters, regardless as to whether with a courtesan or within a relationship. From the luxurious company, to the stimulating discourse, to the succulent meal, to the exquisite dessert...and the fantastic apple pie as well... ;-) The experience was truly in a class all of its own. 

I consider myself very fortunate to have found entrance into her world, if even for a while.

I will most assuredly repeat at my earliest opportunity.

Thank you, Gabrielle.


TORONTO TERB      twilightcrimes 06-25-2017

After what seems like forever of waiting for her to venture out of Montreal, I was finally able to take advantage of Gabrielle's first visit to Toronto, and, wow, am I hoping she starts making this trip regularly. Gabrielle is a hot buttered biscuit, an apt description as she is delicious comfort food that I don't eat often enough, and because of her own self-proclaimed love of food.

Arranging the appointment through email, Gabrielle was very easy to talk to, and it really helped establish a connection and expectations for our appointment. I highly recommend you taking her up on this pre-show discussion as she's eager to know who you are and your desires, and does her best to meet those needs, down to the music playing and the clothes she wears. 

Upon meeting, she was everything I hoped for and more. She greeted me with a huge smile, a tight hug, and a kiss wearing a cute dress (my request). We talked Toronto, food, and music. She's the girl-next-door, easily the kind you crushed on for years, both in looks and attitude. A cute soft body, perky B/C cup breasts, and a fantastic ass. In her dress, she was adorable; out of the dress, she was delectable.

Moving into intimacy was very organic and sensual. She's a great kisser, and loved to tease with light, playful pecks and then deep, passionate, DFK. She was very responsive to DATY, and at one point even seemed to lose the ability to speak English, which was super hot.  At this point, she flipped me over to return the favour, and I'm lucky I was able to even stand afterward. She has a fantastic mouth and she made eye contact almost the entire time, which in of itself almost made me explode. But before I did, we leaped into the main event, which was a fantastic finish. Again, she was so responsive to everything, and really made me feel like she enjoyed our time together. She just felt amazing.

Afterward, we talked some more about places for her to visit in Toronto, and I tried my best to convince her to come back. Here's hoping that worked because lord knows I'll see her again. She's very sweet, smart, and fun. Try not to fall in love!

Québec MERB   fdube - 08-13-2016 

J'ai revu Gabrielle lors de son dernier passage à Québec il y a quelques jours. C'était ma 2e rencontre avec Gabrielle et j'espérais que la seconde soit aussi mémorable que la première. 

Booking par email, très simple. délai de réponse moins de 24h. Par contre, elle a un emploi légitime qui la tiens très occupé et il lui arrive de ne pas pouvoir répondre rapidement à l'occasion.

J'avais quelques demandes particulières par rapport à sa tenue vestimentaire qu'elle s'est empressée d'accepter. Courriel de confirmation la veille et hop à l'heure et au lieu prévus le lendemain. En plus, c’est un endroit où le stationnement est abondant et gratuit. Facile!

Rencontre mémorable, Gabrielle est très cultivée et c'est toujours agréable de discuter avec elle. Elle a un look simple et sans artifices. Sa beauté est naturelle et elle n'a pas besoin de se barbouiller le visage pour être belle. Elle a vraiment un look Girl Next Door et le sourire facile. On se sent comme si on la connaissait depuis longtemps en sa présence. Côté silhouette, Gabrielle a aussi un style GND, lire ici qu'elle n'a pas l'air d'une anorexique qui jeûne depuis une semaine. Elle a de belles courbes aux bons endroits, je dirais qu'elle a des hanches et un popotin bien rond. Tous les goûts sont dans la nature dirons certains, dans mon cas je préfère les femmes avec quelques livres en plus que celle qui ont l'air d'adolescente car elles sont trop maigres. Je préfère aussi les seins naturels aux seins refaits (car il y a trop de charlatans qui font de mauvaises jobs) et Gabrielle est exactement comme ça, je dirais curvy ou silhouette généreuse . Quelques petites rondeurs, rien d'excessif, mais toutes placées là où ça compte. 

Pour les détails de la rencontre, je les conserve pour moi, mais toutes mes attentes ont été comblées et cette seconde rencontre était tout aussi agréable que la première. 

Bref, est-ce que je répéterais de nouveau? Vous connaissez le dicton jamais deux sans trois?


 Montréal MERB Hrst 07-01-2017

Montreal is lucky to be the host of so many beautiful and interesting people. Come summertime, even if you have to deal with the obnoxious tourists, there's just something about the vibe of the town that makes it all A-OK. I imagine due to the harsh winters, the "joie de vivre" comes out during summer.

Montreal is also known for its culinary talents. I wouldn't consider myself a foodie, but I enjoy good food and Montreal has its fair share of specialties. It wasn't necessarily something I thought of combining with meeting courtesans though, that is until I met Gabrielle.

Indycompanion's roster just keeps getting bigger somehow. It's fantastic to have such a thriving and empowered indy scene, and I feel IC contributes to having such a diverse choice of ladies to meet here. While browsing the different profiles, one particular lady stuck out of collective. Gabrielle Laliberté seemed to have been spending much time curating her "Chez Laliberté" experience, which I saw as a unique offering and to my great pleasure turned out to be an extraordinary adventure for all senses.

Prior to meeting Gabrielle, we took some time exchanging e-mails and getting to know each other. There was something refreshing about her approach, there was a hint of mystery and she was very thoughtful in the way she wrote. Even when asking questions, she wasn't intrusive and was very respectful about confidentiality. All this back and forth definitely built up some anticipation and I soon became eager to meet her. "Chez Laliberté" being somewhat of an unique offering raised my curiosity so we set a rendez-vous soon after. 

She hosted me at a conveniently located yet discreet loft. As soon as I entered she made me feel comfortable and desired. There was a gleam in her eye, I could sense only good things would come for the next few hours.

Gabrielle had prepared some dishes ahead, so we had the starter with a bottle of wine I had brought. We talked about our recent trips, what we had read recently, restaurants we had enjoyed... then had a first round of adult fun to grow our appetite for the main course. Soft lips, beautiful figure... Her pictures are real and accurate, WYSIWYG. There's a "nice" and a "naughty" side to her; if you are respectful and push her buttons right, you'll definitely get rewarded. Eventually both out of breath, we decided to take a break. She brought me a glass of water and cuddled a bit before going back to the kitchen to prepare for the main dish: skate wing tacos with a variety of vegetables. Perfectly cooked and well balanced, the kind of light meal well suited to the evening of intense fun we had.

It was the first time I had had such an encounter before. It's quite different to bringing a courtesan to a restaurant, there was something relaxing about not having to worry about logistics and the sequence of events. It didn't feel planned, whenever we felt desire we would just take a break from eating to enjoy each other's lips. Gabrielle also seemed to enjoy concocting a meal suited to my tastes yet with her own touch, using spices and produce I had not heard of before.

We unfortunately didn't have time for dessert - the date went by so fast we didn't realize it was already over. We kissed for a while then I made my exit, walking through the streets of Montreal while reminiscing the good times that were just had.

The several reviews above confirm the session I had with Gabrielle: she's passionate, tender, generous, authentic and adorable. I had a great time with her and will definitely repeat.

MontréalMERB     Blender1138 04-04-2016  


I had the pleasure of meeting Gabrielle recently and the memory of that encounter has lingered like a beloved song, keeping a smile on my face. I was browsing indycompanion for the first time in a while and noticed Gabrielle's offbeat profile picture using kale as a prop. Having a passion for cooking, I was curious and decided to look at her profile where I felt drawn into her orbit and decided to contact her because I needed to meet her.

For those who have not booked time with Gabrielle yet, appointments are made via email, which she uses to get to know her potential suitors a little beforehand. On the day I initially contacted her to see about her availability, we seemed to hit it off right away, exchanging close to 2,000 words over a number of emails before even securing a date and time.

The email exchanges allowed us both to get to know more about each other, which, in my case, provided that feeling of butterflies in my gut when I rang the condo to meet her face to face. When she opened the door, the attraction I felt from her emails became fully realized. She looks exactly the same in person as in her photos. The only thing you can’t get from her photos is the intensity of her eyes; they shine brightly and you sense that you may never want to break free from her gaze.

The adage of “good things come in small packages” feels wholly inadequate when describing Gabrielle. In her case, “good things” should be replaced with “the most unimaginably wonderful pleasures”. Her kisses are both delicate and sensual. We sat and talked for a while, but it was not long before we were all over each other, like a couple that had been apart for too long and desperate to share their passion. I prefer to not get into the details of what we did together; what I like may not be what others look for, but I can say that she seemed to know exactly what I wanted without me having to utter a word.

There were only a small handful of times when we broke eye contact, but it was a main feature of our time together; something I will long remember. Our session was far too short for my liking, but all good things have to come to an end. Besides, this was but chapter one of what will likely be a multi-volume story. I very much look forward to discovering more about her interests and her passions.

In my mind, what sets Gabrielle apart from other SPs I’ve been with is that she manages to take GFE to a different level. My time with Gabrielle genuinely felt as if we were a couple, as eager to please each other as able to appreciate each other’s company during the quiet moments. To paraphrase a TV cook’s catchphrase, Gabrielle takes the concept of GFE and “kicks it up a notch”.

NOTE: Our encounter was entirely in French but she is bilingual.







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